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Shannon Martino

Partner/Director of Operations

Growing up in Fairfield has given Shannon a unique local perspective on the ever-changing dynamics of the area. Although she did leave to earn a B.A. from Boston College, she always remained close to her family and friends in Fairfield.

Her career in advertising started in Boston. There, she managed accounts at a top financial institution. From Boston, she relocated to New York City and found her niche in creative services at Coach NY and Living in Manhattan also gave her personal exposure to the nuances of the real estate industry. She and her new husband had to navigate the purchase of their first home, a co-op in one of the most competitive real estate markets in the world.

Ultimately, love of her hometown brought her back to Fairfield in 2007 because she knew that it offered the perfect environment to raise their two children. Since then, she’s been a board member of her PTA and has volunteered for several local organizations. During this period, she also served as a freelance copywriter and worked with a local real estate developer/property manager. These work experiences further stimulated her interest in local real estate and her passion for marketing and advertising.

Shannon’s marketing and real estate background, creative and caring nature, along with her local contacts and familiarity with both Fairfield County and New York City strongly qualifies her to help clients sell their most valued possession or to search for the home of their dreams. Understanding the subtleties of the real estate market is key to getting a deal done!