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L. Gladstein – Westport, CT

Our home was on the market for years and to say the least my wife and I were discouraged. It was time to change realtors. We heard from a friend in the same situation that a guy name Todd David Miller has an impressive background in marketing having owned his own marketing company and that he is really making an impact selling Fairfield County homes with his proactive, creative approach. We invited Todd to our home. For years, my wife and I have owned homes and interviewed realtors and always heard the same sales strategy. Todd’s ideas were so refreshing and very different. And, more importantly, he delivered on every one of his marketing tactics. After three years of our home on the market with another realtor, our home sold in three months under Todd’s listing. Todd’s passion sets him apart from others. He communicated consistently with us and I will not only use him again, but will recommend him to family and friends.